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Traffic and Public Safety

Bikes & Transit

Improving School Meals

Contract a chef or professional culinary consultant to improve the taste, appeal and cultural relevancy of school meals

Estimated Cost: $18,000

Location: Vallejo City Unified School District Schools


Improve Safety of Blue Rock Springs Park

Install solar-powered parking lot lighting & extend lighting on the Sulphur Mountain Ridge hiking trail

Estimated Cost: $198,000

Location: Blue Rock Springs Park parking lot & hiking trail


Improve Safety of Hanns Park

Increase personal security with solar-powered parking lot lighting & trimming trees & undergrowth to allow visual inspection of the park's picnic area

Estimated Cost: $46,000

Location: Hanns Park general picnic area and parking lot


Improve Safety & Comfort of River Park

Increase personal security & provide rest spots by installing solar-powered parking lot lighting and adding benches along the waterway path

Estimated Cost: $46,000

Location: River Park walkways (part of the Bay Area Trail) from end to end and the River Park parking lot.


Arts & Innovation

Equip an Electronics Lab at Vallejo High School

Purchase Electrical Equipment to enhance electronics programming in the Engineering Academy at Vallejo High School

Estimated Cost: $71,000

Location: Vallejo High School


Help the Homeless Veterans, Seniors, Disabled & Kids

Help the Homeless will provide life skills, vocational training, transitional help, medical and mental health referrals and recovery of the homeless

Estimated Cost: $588,000

Location: To be determined


Dual-Purpose Recycling/Trash Cans on Waterfront

Dual-purpose trash receptacles would be installed in the high-usage Waterfront area for environmental, beatification, and health improvements

Estimated Cost: $43,000

Location: 1 mile radius along the main downtown Waterfront area


Empower Vallejo Students via Boating

An educational project that will change the way students discover Science, Math, Engineering, Technology and Art through a hands-on sailing program

Estimated Cost: $61,000

Location: VCUSD Middle Schools, the Vallejo Yacht Club


Sidewalks, Streets and Alleys

Omega Boys & Girls Club Kitchen Project

Install commercial kitchen equipment & appliances to provide nutrition/cooking education and allow senior meal preparation; also fix parking lot flooding.

Estimated Cost: $83,000

Location: Omega Boys & Girls Club at 1 Positive Place


Murals for Youth

The project aims to inspire the youth by placing four murals on Vallejo City Unified School District sites.

Estimated Cost: $68,000

Location: Four Vallejo City Unified School District school sites


Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety and Traffic Calming

Increase pedestrian safety in dangerous crosswalks by enhancing the capacity of Public Works to deploy traffic calming and crosswalk safety devices.

Estimated Cost: $525,000

Location: Various locations throughout Vallejo determined by traffic engineers


Prioritizing Street and Pothole Repair-Repaving

Improve traffic safety by enhancing the capacity of Public Works to repair and repave streets, particularly in areas of high need and increased risk.

Estimated Cost: $1,000,000

Location: Various locations determined by traffic engineers using the Pavement Condition Index


Parks & Environment

Community Branding of Vallejo

A community wide branding and marketing strategy to leverage Vallejo's unique assets in order to attract & retain visitors, residents and businesses

Estimated Cost: $155,000

Location: City-wide


A.B.C. Arts, Beautification, Community Development

Strengthen neighborhood identity through community-involved beautification, art and architecture makeovers, murals, and downtown mobile tech. tours

Estimated Cost: $96,000

Location: City -Wide locations. Waterfront, Downtown Arts & Entertainment District, Two-Pilot Neighborhoods & Communities


3 in 1! Bike Lanes for Safety and Convenience!

Increase striping and marking of bicycle lanes and routes along selected streets

Estimated Cost: $117,000

Location: Various locations throughout Vallejo determined by traffic engineers


Commemorative & Memorial Waterfront Park

Create a zero- or low-water use park that will memorialize our veterans, and commemorate the history and contributions of Vallejo and Mare Island

Estimated Cost: $390,000

Location: The barren end of Independence Park, on the waterfront between the Ferry Terminal and Brinkman's Marine, along Mare Island Way.